Cloudmore supports the new Microsoft Azure Commerce Experience

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Azure Billing Platform

While the principle behind Microsoft’s modern commerce experience is to create a simpler pricing model for the end user, there is increased complexity around billing for the CSP Partner.

Cloudmore automates the sales price management and billing for Azure plan, reserved instances, software subscriptions and marketplace services. Ensuring accurate cost reconciliation and enabling flexible pricing management is a core part of how we help Direct CSP Partners. 

Cloudmore functionality to support the Modern Commerce Experience includes:

  • The ability to set different sales price rules for Azure plan, reserved instances, software subscriptions, and marketplace services.
  • Billing reports that provide well-defined Azure cost breakdowns. 
  • Comprehensive Azure billing reports for customers 


Service Catalog 

Select services from Cloudmore's service catalog and sell these to your users in their curated e-store.

Price Management

Manage pricing on a global or per customer basis. Create offers and quotes from your service catalog.


Your admin users can discover, provision and manage services and view monthly billing details.


The procurement and provisioning of any product or service can be partially or fully automated using notifications or the services API.

Billing & Chargeback

Cloudmore's reports and exports provide all the information you need to create a summary, or detailed cost and billing reports.

Reports & BI

Reports and exports give you a single, consolidated view of utilization, costs, and charges.

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