Direct MS CSP platform

Cloudmore is the new paradigm of cloud, hybrid IT, cloud brokerage enablement and digital transformation.

In Cloudmore sellers, buyers, administrators, managers, and users are connected, processes are automated and business intelligence data is available.

Automated provisioning, cloud aggregation, multi-cloud service catalog, resource management, systems integration, and billing control support both the internal and external Cloudmore broker.

CSP Solution Brief Cover v2.1 -1

For Direct Microsoft CSP providers Cloudmore has the following features:

  • Ideal for your first platform or replatforming
  • Self-service portal
  • Set and monitor usage
  • Simplified billing through data export or API
  • APIs connect your business systems for end-to-end automation

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Microsoft CSP subscription management at your fingertips

Subscription management becomes super simple with Cloudmore.
You can have a quick overview of all the Microsoft CSP Direct subscriptions and manage them in various ways: 

  • Adjust the subscription price, either temporarily or permanently
  • Upgrade the subscription to another product
  • Schedule the subscription term, billing cycle or license quantity changes when renewals occur
  • Suspend the subscription at any time
  • View the entire subscription history and audit trail
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