Billing and Revenue Management Platform

Flexible and versatile revenue management and subscription billing platform for creating product offers with diverse billing scenarios and comprehensive financial reporting

  • Tailor billing models to fit every billing scenario

  • Ensure financial integrity with automated reconciliation process

  • Predict your billable revenue with renewals and price management

  • Optimize for profitability by monitoring your financial performance

  • Respond to dynamic market conditions with flexible billing adjustments

  • Streamline financial operations with robust billing integrations 

Cloudmore's comprehensive billing and revenue management platform can achieve all that and more. 

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Enable diverse billing models for any subscription billing scenario

Set up your license-based product offerings with either flat-rate or pro-rated billing models.

The billing report also details license quantity changes for license-based billing.

For metered services, apply consumption-based billing models, where each customer’s consumption is tracked and submitted automatically.

A comprehensive breakdown of usage for consumption-based billing is included in the billing report.

Any billing model can be configured with different billing frequencies, like:

  • Monthly billing cycle for more flexibility and scalability

  • Annual billing for more cost-effective plans

  • Quarterly or Bi-annual billing for a perfect balance between those

Moreover, customers can easily upgrade to an annual plan or downgrade to a monthly plan at any time. 

Achieve financial integrity with automatic billing reconciliation

Ensure accuracy and transparency with 100% billing reconciliation by automatic matching of every customer transaction  and account activity in the billing report. 

Automatically maintain accurate and correct financial records through consistent verification of matching billing records.

Cloudmore seamlessly recognizes and processes billing from major vendors: 

  • Microsoft

  • Google Workspace

  • Acronis Cybercloud

  • Autotask

  • BitDefender

  • Datto Workplace

  • Kaspersky

  • Watchguard

  • WithSecure

  • …and several others

Cloudmore systematically highlights any outliers to help you immediately spot and adjust discrepancies efficiently. 

Predict billable revenue with proactive price management and renewals

In Cloudmore, the billing report is always generated according to the price rules you have set up in your Price Management.

The price rules can be set globally across all customers or tailored specifically to individual customers.

You can apply these price rules to take effect immediately or to start from a scheduled date in the future.

The subscription renewals report gives you a clear overview of how much revenue is expected to renew on the next billing date.

Additionally, you can also see the revenue that is about to churn and potentially salvage this revenue to increase customer lifetime value.

The Cloudmore Price Management and Renewals Management together create a clear prediction for your upcoming billable revenue

Gather revenue insights with billings trends and analytics

Cloudmore helps you identify the total cost and total sales trends on a month-to-month basis over any period of time.

You can also easily track in which direction your margins are trending, enabling you to make strategic decisions in price management to optimize for profitability.

These billing insights are available on the global level and for any specific customer.

A detailed customer-specific billing analysis allows you to personalize service offerings, optimize pricing strategies, and enhance customer retention.

Additionally, you can generate these billing reports instantly or schedule them for daily, weekly, or monthly delivery to you and your team, structuring your accounting activities

Stay flexible by making temporary discounts and billing adjustments

Create customer-specific temporary promotions to foster loyalty, ensuring these targeted subscription discounts are accurately reflected in your billing.

Leverage the flexibility of fully adjustable billing by using the manual billing lines feature to make one-off adjustments before publishing the billing to your customers.

Knowing that every customer promotion and billing adjustment is logged in an audit trail will guarantee accountability and transparency.

These features allow you to stay adaptable customer negotiations and remain agile in response to market changes and special circumstances

Improve operational efficiency with end-to-end billing integrations

Retrieve new billing lines in a timely manner as soon as they are generated with Cloudmore billing APIs and webhooks.

Utilizing billing integrations allow you to further automate your billing process.

Below are some more popular billing integration use cases:

  • Integrating with an ERP system to unify financial data, streamline invoicing processes, and ensure data consistency across all business functions.

  • Integrate with a CRM platform to automate billing based on customer interactions and history, enhancing customer service and personalization

  • Integrate with an accounting software to automate the entry of financial data, reduce manual data entry errors, and keep your financial records up-to-date

A well-integrated billing system streamlines operations and sets the foundation for scalable growth and operational efficiency

Are you ready to automate your billing management?

Cloudmore subscription billing management platform can help you do that