White Label Customer Self-Service Portal

Fully customizable white label platform for improving customer experience and reducing support overhead.

  • Set up the customer self-service platform on your own domain

  • Customize the entire user interface to match your brand identity

  • Set up safeguards with the automated subscription approval processes 

  • Enable SSO for convenient logins and 2FA for extra security

  • Expand customer portal functionalities with robust APIs and webhooks

Cloudmore's comprehensive white label customer self-service portal can achieve all that and more.

Trusted by big players

Fully customize the portal with diverse branding options

The diverse branding options enable you to customize the entire Cloudmore platform to look and feel just like an extension of your own website.

Once you add your brand colors and company logo, they will be shown through-out the platform.

Your customized look of the platform will be reflected to all the users of your company, as well as all the users of your customers.

Whoever accesses the platform under your tenant, will feel like the platform is a natural extension of your company’s suite of tools.

Simplify onboarding with one-click logins and customized dashboards

From your customers' the very first interaction with the portal, they immediately feel like it’s a part of your brand.

  • Create a branded login page, which will be the first impression for your customers' users

  • Enable one-click sign in for all your customers' users with Microsoft SSO or enterprise SAML SSO

  • Fully customize the dashboard page to guide users towards taking desired actions

  • Configure the URL of the entire platform, so it appears as it’s a domain of your own website

Every aspect of your customer portal can be tailored to reflect your brand’s unique style and ethos, ensuring a seamless and cohesive brand experience between different environments. 

Set up role based secure access for all users

The flexible role based access user settings allow you to customize exactly which permissions does each user in your company have within the platform.

Your customers can independently do the same for each of their users.

You can give full permissions to your customers to approve quotes, provision subscriptions, adjust licenses, manage their own users and view or schedule their own reports.

Alternatively, you can use the flexible user roles to restrict some user actions, if you prefer to maintain a tighter control over customer user activity.

For enhanced security, you can turn on 2-factor authentication for your internal users and your customers' users.

Build automated process flows with branding applied on every step

With Cloudmore, you can have complete overview and controls across all of your customers' actions.

Decide which customer actions will be automatically put on hold until you approve or reject them.

You can set up approval processes across all customers or define customer-specific approval rules and limits.

Moreover, the automated communication flow regarding the approval process will happen through your branded email domain.

The customer self-service portal together with the approval process allow your customers to transact, while financial safeguards are in place

Enhance transparency and compliance with complete audit trails

Every action taken by your company’s or your customers' users on the platform is recorded in an audit trail.

The audit trail holds comprehensive information about each internal and external user action, such as:

  • What are performed action’s specific details

  • Which user performed the action

  • When exactly was the action performed

This detailed audit trail improves security and accountability, ensuring transparency in every user interaction.

The audit trails are meticulously structured to support compliance with industry-specific laws and regulations, safeguarding against breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive data. 

Integrate your internal portals with webhooks and API

The Cloudmore customer self-service portal can extend way beyond the user interface, integrating smoothly with your other systems for enhanced functionality and interoperability.

For example, when scaling customer experiences and support automation, you might want to implement cross-platform workflows or customized processes.

Our robust APIs help you achieve that by enabling seamless integrations for efficient cross-platform workflows.

Furthermore, webhooks can instantly trigger custom workflows in response to specific events, allowing you to scale into more nuanced and customized processes.

As your customer base grows and your use cases become more complex, you can rest assured as the platform will continue to support your evolving needs. 

Are you ready to improve your customer experience?

Cloudmore white label customer self-service portal can help you do that