Cloudmore is an equal opportunities employer

that supports flexible work practices. but pending agreement, can be based out of a choice of offices in Stockholm, Tallinn or Belfast. Equally, for the right candidate, the role can be location independent or home-based.

Working for Cloudmore brings many benefits.

We want our team members to have a healthy work-life balance and we also understand the importance of personal and family commitments. We are outcome focused and feel that our staff should have the autonomy and freedom to achieve their best.

We're on a mission to become the leading digital commerce solution.

This is a very hot sector and our brilliant people are creating a new paradigm for the future of multi channel digital commerce

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Jobs at Cloudmore

Open Roles

Below are a selection of our open roles. We are a global recruiter, so please do find out more by clicking the role title to our recruitment site



What’s the Cloudmorian way?

By bringing our unique skills and perspectives together to work as a team, we believe that anything is possible. We strive for everyone to feel valued & inspired to do their best by having a strong sense of shared purpose in a supportive workplace.

Therefore, we, Cloudmorians, live by the following 5 values:

Transparent – we value openness, honesty, and respect by communicating in a compassionate and considerate manner. We aspire to promote a diverse and inclusive atmosphere where every voice and perspective is valued.

Passionate – guided by our drive and inspiration, we boldly innovate and challenge conventional thinking to continually advance and reach our full potential.  

Curious – we embrace the relentless pursuit of knowledge and understanding constantly seeking answers to the big and small questions and new ways to innovate and challenge ourselves to be better every day.

Committed – we strive for excellence and tackle any challenge with determination while being humble, positive, and playful.

Caring – we are dedicated to creating a supportive and emphatic environment where everyone is treated with kindness and understanding. Our commitment to caring drives us to positively impact the lives of our colleagues, customers, and community and make a meaningful difference in the world.