In today's dynamic market, Microsoft Direct CSPs are navigating the intricate landscape of increasing demand for recurring and consumption-based SaaS and public cloud services. This challenge is compounded by the need to maintain customer satisfaction, manage growing workloads, and ensure effective cost control.

The competitive landscape creates pressure on service provider margins, underscoring the importance of cost optimization amidst fast-paced sales cycles and complex billing procedures. Inefficiencies in these areas, whether stemming from manual errors or automation glitches, often lead to revenue loss. Additionally, a lack of transparency and traceability in customer interactions can hinder the potential for revenue and margin growth.

Direct CSPs that prioritize top-tier automation are setting themselves apart, experiencing accelerated growth in both revenue and margins. This strategic advantage is essential for surpassing competitors, securing valuable market share, and tapping into new profitable opportunities within their client base.

Cloudmore Commerce 4.0 platform offers advanced an integration tailored for Microsoft Direct CSP providers, streamlining customer and subscription management also  enhancing billing automation accuracy and efficiency. It skillfully manages consumption and subscriptionss across all Microsoft CSP services, empowering customers with enhanced functionality and transparency. 

Cloudmore enhances cost effective scaling though a combination of operational efficiency using automation, margin enhancements, resource reallocation, and error minimization. It catalyzes digital transformation and innovation, supporting unique offers, mitigating commoditization risks, and aligning with Microsoft and SaaS vendors for enhanced visibility and funding opportunities.

Cloudmore elevates your CSP program presence, driving revenue growth with SaaS offerings and fuels business transformation and scalability with essential tools and 1st class support, positioning you for success in a dynamic market.  Cloudmore is your trusted, future proof partner in thriving in a subscription-driven landscape.

The Six Challenges

Direct CSPs are often compelled to explore new platform providers or solutions due to various triggers, such as platform shutdowns, transitioning from indirect to direct models, or encountering pain points with existing solutions. We have identified common challenges in both of these scenarios.

1.    Microsoft's Direct CSP Program is constantly changing!

The Challenge
Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the Microsoft Direct CSP Program poses a formidable challenge for Direct CSP Partners. With Microsoft's constant updates and changes to offerings, partners must continuously adapt to new opportunities, adjust sales pricing, and phase out outdated services. Operating on an outdated or inflexible platform in such a dynamic environment can lead to falling behind competitors, revenue decline, and increased workloads. These hurdles not only impact customer satisfaction but also hinder operational efficiency and can incur significant costs.

The Cloudmore Solution
In response to these challenges, Cloudmore's Partner Center integration is carefully managed and updated crafted to align with Microsoft's ongoing changes, ensuring your business remains at the forefront of the Direct CSP program. Cloudmore's platform is both agile and responsive, making the integration of new offers and updates a smooth and as automated as possible. This ensures that end-customers always have access to the most current offers and accurate pricing, all with minimal manual effort on your part. Consequently, Cloudmore significantly reduces administrative burdens, allowing your team to concentrate on growth and enhancing customer satisfaction, thereby transforming potential challenges into opportunities for success.

2.    Managing continuous subscription changes 

The Challenge

Managing Microsoft Direct CSP subscriptions can be a daunting task, involving renewals, license adjustments, and upgrades. These tasks present challenges in billing, pricing modifications, and overall subscription management, which can impede efficient and cost-effective business growth. Dealing with errors in automating provisioning, managing license subscriptions, tenants, and scaling the CSP business while controlling costs can be demanding, impacting customer service quality and competitive positioning. Additionally, utilizing the Partner Center often necessitates skilled and costly staff, complicating auditing, governance, and compliance efforts and limiting self-service options.

In today's digital landscape, having an intuitive and secure self-service platform for customers is essential. Direct CSP partners must navigate the challenge of offering a self service experience that is easy for customers to use and manage, while also being financially secure and accurate. A lack of such a platform can result in lost sales, customer dissatisfaction, and increased operational risks, ultimately affecting the overall service experience.

The Cloudmore Solution

Cloudmore’s CSP Platform is expertly crafted to tackle these challenges head-on. With its intelligent features, it guides users, including customers, in making informed decisions about license choices during purchases or renewals, streamlining what used to be a complicated process. Our system upholds the necessary commercial rules for Direct CSP partners, reducing commercial risks. Compared to using the Partner Center, Cloudmore's checks also enhance auditing, governance, and compliance.

Designed for effortless and intuitive use, Cloudmore’s platform provides a secure and enjoyable self-service experience. Customers can effortlessly navigate and manage their subscriptions, ensuring well-informed decisions in a secure environment that minimizes financial errors. Beyond managing transactions, Cloudmore’s platform acts as a comprehensive portal that boosts customer engagement and satisfaction, all while reducing operational costs.

3.    Perfect Price Management

The Challenge

Staying aligned of Microsoft's frequent pricing adjustments poses a significant challenge for Direct CSP Partners. Delayed updates can result in errors, ambiguity, and the need for partners to resort to offline methods or educated guesses. This not only hampers operational efficiency and erodes customer trust but also has a detrimental impact on profitability. In a market where timely and precise pricing is paramount, relying on outdated information or cumbersome manual updates can prove to be a major setback.

The Cloudmore Solution

Cloudmore's platform offers a robust pricing solution, designed for instant responsiveness. Stay up-to-date with the latest Microsoft pricing information effortlessly, eliminating delays. Say goodbye to outdated data and manual adjustments - with Cloudmore, price management is streamlined and automated, allowing you to set accurate and competitive prices. This builds trust with your customers and boosts profitability, keeping your business in tune with the dynamic pricing landscape of the market. 

4.    Business Model Alignment

The Challenge

Many Direct CSP platforms or PSA solutions have their unique billing calculations, often struggling to align with Microsoft's specific rules. As businesses expand and offer more services, the challenge of maintaining accurate billing in line with Microsoft's commercial model becomes increasingly complex. This misalignment can lead to significant issues in billing accuracy, reconciliation, and ultimately impact customer trust and financial integrity, posing a substantial operational challenge.

The Cloudmore Solution

Cloudmore's platform is built to align seamlessly with Microsoft's business rules, creating a smooth and flawless billing process. This synchronization with Microsoft's guidelines simplifies financial management, ensuring billing accuracy, saving time, and reducing the likelihood of errors, thereby making customer inquiries and issue troubleshooting easier. This alignment guarantees that as your business expands, the billing process remains efficient and trustworthy, bolstering customer confidence and financial security.

5.    Integrating your Tech Stack

The Challenge

Integrating different systems, such as invoicing and customer management, into a unified tech stack presents a common challenge. Without access to a platform that offers comprehensive APIs, businesses face significant barriers that can result in operational bottlenecks and inefficiencies. This lack of seamless integration can disrupt day-to-day activities and hinder the potential for scalable and cost-effective growth. Overcoming these technical hurdles is crucial for any CSP business looking to maintain momentum and expand their capabilities.

The Cloudmore Solution

Cloudmore's platform tackles this challenge head-on with its robust and comprehensive APIs, specifically designed for seamless integration with your existing systems. Instead of just offering a few basic API endpoints, With over 130 endpoints Cloudmore  ensures that technical limitations do not hinder your growth. By harnessing the power of Cloudmore's platform, you can optimize your current technology investments and boost your operational scalability. This integration not only enhances your current operations but also paves the way for future expansion and success.

6.    "CSP Only" Platforms (Purchased or In-house)

The Challenge

In today's rapidly changing digital landscape, the drawbacks of 'CSP Only' platforms or internally developed solutions are becoming increasingly evident. By confining Direct CSPs to traditional Microsoft services, these platforms hinder their ability to quickly adapt to a customer-centric market that is expanding to include a variety of services. This limitation extends beyond Microsoft products to encompass non-Microsoft offerings and cutting-edge subscription models. Such restrictions impede innovation and competitiveness, presenting a significant hurdle for businesses striving to evolve and meet the evolving needs of their customers.

The Opportunity

Cloudmore's platform doesn't just break the mold of 'CSP Only' models – it shatters it. Our dynamic platform not only supports Microsoft services but also embraces a diverse range of non-Microsoft offerings and cutting-edge business models. From subscription-based to consumption-driven options, our platform empowers you to adapt to changing customer needs and expand your service offerings beyond traditional boundaries. By choosing Cloudmore, you're opting for a future-proof platform that grows alongside your business, liberating you from the constraints of 'CSP Only' platforms. This unlocks a realm of fresh opportunities and service innovations, positioning you not just to keep pace with the industry, but to lead it by offering a multitude of cutting-edge services that drive growth and ensure competitiveness in a rapidly evolving market.

How Cloudmore Works: Powering Digital Transformation

Discover how Cloudmore's single code base and multi-tenant architecture make it a robust platform for high-volume, Direct CSP partners, globally. Engineered for high-volume service and scalability

Cloudmore is hosted across dual data centers in Europe and the USA, and the technology and support delivery reflect our commitment to Swedish values of reliability and innovation. Our UK-based team provides expert support and customer success services, underpinning our 99.9% SLA uptime guarantee.

With seven years of experience, Cloudmore continuously evolves through updates and improvements. We value customer feedback integrating it to enhance our comprehensive commerce platform.

This platform is not just for CSP management but is a future-proof choice, supporting the digital transformation journey of businesses and their customers. Learn more about Cloudmore and see our platform in action – a decision towards seamless digital growth.

Onboarding with Cloudmore - The Process

Embarking on your Cloudmore journey begins with a structured, value-driven onboarding process:

  • Integration of Direct CSP Tenant  - Seamlessly integrate your Direct CSP tenant and link your customer tenants.
  • Security and Access Control - Configure robust security settings, role-based permissions, and Single Sign-On (SSO) for enhanced data safety and user accessibility.
  • Custom Pricing Configuration - Import or tailor customer-specific pricing and price lists, ensuring your billing aligns perfectly with your business model.
  • Automated Communication Setup - Configure automated communications for efficient, consistent customer engagement.
  • Comprehensive Team Training - Train your CSP account managers and support and finance teams, equipping them with the knowledge to use Cloudmore effectively.
  • First Billing Event Management - Guide you through processing and reconciling your initial Direct CSP billing event for a smooth financial transition, which may include an API link to your invoicing solution.
  • Service Expansion - Add services like Azure consumption, reserved instances, and other non-license or non-Microsoft services to broaden your Cloudmore portfolio and customer marketplaces.
  • Customer Self-Service Enablement - Communicate to and train your customers to utilize self-service features, enhancing their experience and independence.
  • Extension to Marketing and Sales - Expand Cloudmore's utility to your marketing and sales efforts, integrating all aspects of your business.
  • Scaling Your CSP Business - Leverage Cloudmore's capabilities to scale your CSP business cost-effectively, ensuring growth and profitability.


Scale Your Direct CSP Business With Cloudmore

Our class leading Direct CSP automation and billing solution built, on top of the Cloudmore Digital commerce platform empowers Direct Microsoft CSPs to streamline processes, optimize operations, and deliver exceptional customer service. With unparalleled billing accuracy and transparency, seamless integration with the Microsoft Partner Centre and Azure Portal, and detailed reporting and analytics, Direct CSPs can achieve unmatched efficiency, compliance, and governance.

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Cloudmore Platform 032401

100% Reconcilable Billing

Reliable billing starts with robust price management and subscription operatios process and Cloudmore support this across all Microsoft CSP Services.

Cloudmore Platform 032405

Customer Self-Service & Management Portal

Customer self service is essential to improve the customer experience and keep operational costs under control. Your customer will be able to securely manage their CSP services, while you are complete financial control.


Cloudmore Platform 032406

More than CSP...

Your subscription and billing tools needs to be able to handle all you subscription and consumption services and with Cloudmore you can use one out pre-built integrations, build your on no code or coded integration or use an integrated distributor (Subject to region) .

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