Subscription Management Platform

Comprehensive subscription management for tracking and managing all your subscriptions on one platform. 

  • Create versatile product offers with flexible pricing rules

  • Improve customer satisfaction with a self-service portal

  • Identify revenue churn with subscription renewal reporting

  • Ensure precision for any subscription billing scenario

  • Automate subscription provisioning workflows with robust APIs

Cloudmore's comprehensive subscription management and billing platform can achieve all that and more. 

Trusted by big players

Create subscription offers with robust product setup

Create and customize subscription offers, ensuring you can quickly adapt to market demands and customer preferences.

Cloudmore product offer setup includes: 

  • Set up flexible monthly and annual offers

  • Usage-based offer setup and metered subscriptions

  • Offer flexible price management with robust pricing rules

  • Allow trials, apply discounts, and run promotions

  • …and a lot more

Cloudmore's subscription offer management is designed for flexibility. 
This enables you to tailor your subscription products to fit negotiated contracts and enable strategic account expansions. 

Full subscription lifecycle support

Cloudmore handles every step in the subscription lifecycle, from initial creation to upgrades, downgrades, renewals, cancellations, and beyond. 

  • Control initial creation and startup fees

  • Set up customized automatic welcome messages and subscription renewal emails

  • Control upgrades and downgrade rules to limit what the customer can change during the subscription period

  • Comprehensive renewal settings are available to renew, cancel, or switch to another product at renewal

  • Cancellation rules control if the customer can cancel immediately, cancel at the end of the subscription period, or after a specific period

Cloudmore gives you the tools to stay on top of all your subscriptions with pre-defined rules that will ensure you are always caught up with surprises and unwanted changes by employees or customers.

Improve customer satisfaction with a self-service portal

Customers can directly log in and manage their subscriptions, offering them autonomy and convenience in managing their subscriptions. 

Set up an approvals process to oversee customer activities, ensuring all changes align with your business standards while maintaining flexibility. 

Cloudmore automatically maintains a complete audit trail of all customer activities to ensure a complete overview and governance

White-label the entire portal to match your company's branding, making the self-service experience seamless and integrated with your corporate identity. 

With Cloudmore APIs, you can create customized portals that align further with brand identity. You could even integrate Cloudmore API triggers into existing customer portals to perform automated background actions based on customer actions.

Identify potential revenue churn with subscription renewal reporting

The subscription renewals reporting shows a complete overview of upcoming renewals and associated revenue. This helps you predict and address this in a timely manner. 

Your account managers or sales agents can receive detailed subscription renewal reports via email so they can negotiate upcoming customer subscription renewals. 

The renewal revenue trends give a high-level executive overview of renewal revenue and potentially churning revenue in the upcoming quarters. 

Flexible billing for flat rate or consumption-based subscriptions

Cloudmore ensures consistency and accuracy in subscription billing, reducing the chances of errors and disputes. 

Rest assured, billing is always accurate, and the audit log helps improve compliance and governance regarding internal and external changes. 

The robust billing engine handles a variety of different subscription billing models: 

  • Monthly and annual subscription billing cycles

  • Metered subscription billing and usage breakdown

  • Pro-rated billing based on mid-cycle subscription updates

Cloudmore delivers 100% billing reconciliation, ensuring every charge matches actual usage for complete accuracy and transparency.

Automate subscription management workflows with integrations

Cloudmore's subscription billing platform is designed to scale with your business, ensuring that as your business grows, your ability to manage subscription billing does not become a bottleneck. 

Currently, our most popular subscription-related integration use cases are: 

  • Create subscriptions for different services

  • Assign subscriptions and licenses to users

  • Retrieve subscription details, renewal, and current price

  • Retrieve the entire subscription action history for auditing

  • Suspend, cancel, and delete subscriptions

Our vendor integrations and subscription management APIs have proven to reduce support overheads and improve end-user satisfaction significantly. 

Are you ready to scale your subscription management?

Cloudmore subscription management and billing platform helps you do that