Using Self-service Will Help MSPs Solve 4 Challenges

1 min read
22 March 2023

Ultimately, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) aim to make sure their customers are able to buy, consume, and pay for their products and services in a personalized and tailored way.

With increased competition and constant changes in pricing and products, meeting customer demands can be challenging.

Learn how customer self-service can help you.

1.     Adapt to the subscription economy

Traditional licensing models have been replaced by subscription-based provisioning models in most SaaS companies. A self-service portal that manages subscriptions is always a reliable starting point.

With a self-service portal, your customers can renew, upgrade, cancel, and make changes to their services at any time. Furthermore, your software solution centrally logs and calculates all activity in the background. 

2.     Manage multiple billing methods

Though consumption-based billing is soaring in popularity, many MSPs struggle to support this billing model because of its inherent complexity. A self-service portal with built-in automation to manage various pricing models can give you a distinct competitive advantage. Solutions like Cloudmore can set up billing automation with any partner portal and provide real-time billing reports with detailed usage breakdowns.

3.     Improve customer transparency

It is imperative for customers to be aware of their consumption and expenditure at all times. Self-service portals provide better transparency into pricing and billing and facilitate collaboration with CSPs. With Cloudmore’s self-service, Microsoft CSP customers can analyze their costs against budgets based on historical, monthly, and ongoing spending. 

4.     Provide standardized services

A challenge for MSPs is standardising their offerings to eliminate time spent scurrying between customers and suppliers to create solutions. Through Cloudmore’s self-service portal, customers can purchase services from their CSPs through an e-store. Providing customers with this level of access eliminates ambiguity about what the MSP provides.


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