Uncover the Secret to Choosing the Perfect Microsoft CSP Platform

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22 March 2023

Choosing the right Microsoft CSP platform for your business can be challenging. Especially if you are the CEO or CFO you will want to know that your company is billing your customers correctly. 

With a user-friendly CSP platform, billing and costs will be easier to manage, reducing revenue leakage and increasing margins. 

However, the number of platforms available can make it difficult to choose the right one for your business. This post will discuss the importance of selecting a robust CSP billing software platform, including CSP billing, Azure billing automation, and self-service.

Reduce revenue leakage with CSP billing automation

When searching for a new platform to manage your CSP billing, the critical feature is the ability to automate the entire CSP process, from provisioning to billing. 

Hence, bi-directional synchronization between your platform and Microsoft Partner Center is essential to ensure your business accurately charges your services. 

You’ll also want to make sure several features can be added, including usage tracking,  detailed reporting, and the ability to send reminders about renewals.

As many CSPs use Azure, you would also need your CSP platform seamlessly integrates with Azure and automates that Azure billing process.

Your business will benefit from this by spending less time managing Azure CSP billing and only paying for the services you use. 


Self-service empowers customers to take control

We all know providing your customers with self-service empowers them to take control of their services, which increases customer satisfaction and reduces the workload for your business. Allowing your customers to manage their services independently is usually underestimated. It improves the customer experience and enables CSPs to focus on growing their business and expanding their offerings. Customers should be able to access and modify their services without seeking assistance from you as a reseller. As a bonus, automating tasks and allowing customers to manage their services can reduce labour costs and resource requirements.

Reporting capabilities to understand your customers’ needs

To make informed decisions, the CSP platform should provide you with reporting capabilities for detailed reports on customer subscriptions. In return you’ll be able to improve your offerings by better understanding your customers’ needs. As a Direct CSP Partner, you want to conveniently track revenue, and usage and monitor customer activity, making it easier to identify growth areas and potential issues.

Integrating a commerce automation platform into your tech stack

Last but not least, your platform should be able to work with other systems, such as your CRM, accounting software, or ERP. Many platforms works seamlessly with Microsoft’s systems, including Azure and Office 365. But very few can be placed into the center of your tech stack. In addition to automating, reporting, and integrating with other systems, Cloudmore offers a range of automation capabilities for non-CSP services. This allows partners to manage and provision any cloud services for their customers quickly. A seamless customer experience, regardless of the service you offer, is a key to standing out from the competition in the CSP market.

Look no further

It is imperative to evaluate your business needs and requirements before selecting a Microsoft CSP platform that will meet those needs efficiently and cost-effectively. To ensure your business’s growth and success, you should consider factors such as CSP billing, Azure CSP billing automation, and self-service capabilities.

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