Enhanced Subscription Management

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06 April 2018

Platform update, 2.35, saw the introduction of some important and useful functionality that could make a real difference to your subscription business.

Cloudmore is for businesses like yours, to help you align with the market changes of subscription based services, machine to machine transactions and an elevated customer experience.

To maintain profitability and scale our customers have highlighted two areas of their businesses that could be improved on :

1. Better management of existing licensing, contracts and renewals.

2. Enable customers to become more self-sufficient.

The latest updates to Customs Services and the Renewals have come together to ensure smooth end-to-end automated business processing, and eliminate the issues listed above.

One of the most significant challenges of moving to a subscription-based model is to 'productize' the service portfolio so that processes can be automated. Cloudmore has risen to this challenge and has identified 5 product categories and developed functionality to support the uploading

Service Uploading

  • Simple Subscription - plan based subscription: such as Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
  • Complex Subscription - This is where the simple plans have additional options, eg, more storage.
  • Subscription Bundle - The service type is essential for multi-part or muti-vendor subscriptions. Many options exist to build a subscription that is fixed or flexible.
  • Simple Product - is a non-configurable single bill product, such as cable or chair!
  • Complex Product - could be a laptop where the user needs to choose from options.

Once loaded pricing can be configured globally, or per customer, and we now also support multi-currency.


Each service can be set up with the renewals options that include the renewals business logic and renewal communication options. At renewal the customer will get notifications and the possibility to accept or cancel the renewals.  Account managers can proactively manage renewals from the renewals report, and naturally, everything is shown in the billing report for simplified subscription billing.

Cloudmore has taken subscription management to help you automate and scale your business to the next level. We have a lot to show you so please contact us if you would like a demonstration!


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