11 Good Reasons to Give Your Customers a Great Self-service Experience

1 min read
19 June 2017

1. Improve customer satisfaction.
Users who can solve issues and complete tasks at anytime from anywhere will be happier than those who have to wait for a response.

2. Lower your costs.
Reducing the number of inbound emails and calls will reduce your support costs and increase your average margin per customer.

3. Create scalable operations.
Self-service equals scale. If margins are being eroded then scaling profitably, is essential.

4. Contributes to your digital transformation program.
Phone and email are analog, people-centric processes that are increasingly expensive and inefficient. 

5. Add value to your offer.

Adding great self-service for the customers who want it will make them happier and most importantly, stickier.

6. It’s an investment program that we continue to pay back over a extended period.
Investments in content creation, knowledge sharing, automation, and online tools will continue to return value over a long period.

7. Outsmart your competition.
It’s always smart to WOW your customers with something useful and new by giving them the tools they need to succeed. Do this before your competitors do!

8. Identify customer training programs.
Being able to see trends in your client's self-service actions enables you to tune your training programs and content to address and the most comment tasks.

9. Increase your support staff morale and satisfaction.
All support staff get bored with dealing with the same problems day in, day out. Self-service can help break the cycle and allow them to add more value to customer interactions.

10. Tune your offer to the millennials.
A big challenge for millennials is that work IT is often worse that their personal IT. Improving the IT experience is key to retaining them as employees.

11. Remove your knowledge silos.
Training your users to self-service will require your team share their collective knowledge. This process will be an exponential win for your business and customers. 

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