NCE License Migrations

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27 March 2023

Since the New Commerce Experience (NCE) license-based product SKUs were released on January 10th, 2022, Microsoft has enabled various migration capabilities to help partners transition from traditional license-based subscriptions to the new commerce SKUs more easily. From March 2022, most commercial license-based product SKUs were made only available in NCE, and many of the traditional license-based offers have been deprecated, meaning they are no longer purchasable and only available via New Commerce and that means many licenses will need to be migrated to a new offer.

Partners can see these deprecated legacy offers in the old price lists flagged as "DEPR," indicating they are only available in New Commerce. Although partners with DEPR legacy offers cannot purchase new subscriptions, their existing subscriptions will continue to function and renew.

To find out when a subscription renews, partners will need to verify the renewal date and process in advance.

Partners can see all price lists for both legacy and new commerce license-based services in the pricing and offers page in Partner Center, and they need to be logged into Partner Center to access these pricing files.

Since March 2022, functional was made available in the APIs to assist mapping between traditional (legacy) and new commerce product SKUs in the legacy offer matrix NCE Mapping tab. With these capabilities, partners can easily migrate their legacy subscriptions to New Commerce without hassle.

At Cloudmore, we understand the complexities and challenges that partners face when migrating their legacy subscriptions to New Commerce. We have developed a migration tool that allows CSP brokers to easily migrate their Microsoft legacy subscriptions to the new commerce experience (NCE). The Cloudmore platform offers various features that help mitigate the financial risks that come with transitioning to New Commerce, such as role-based access, approval processes for secure customer self-service, full audit logs, and advanced price management.

With our migration tool and the mapping capabilities available through Microsoft, we make it easy for partners to migrate their legacy subscriptions to new commerce and continue benefiting from the latest features and capabilities that Microsoft offers.

Trust Cloudmore to help you make a seamless transition to New Commerce and future-proof your business.

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