Platform update 28th March 2023

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April 19, 2023

Upcoming General Billing Report API Updates

To distinguish the Microsoft Azure services better in the billing report, we are updating the following billing report APIs:

  • GET /api/resellers/{resellerId}/billing/reports/MonthlyBillingPerOrganizationAsync/{taskId}

  • GET /api/resellers/{resellerId}/billing/reports/MonthlyBillingPerOrganization

  • GET /api/resellers/{resellerId}/billing/reports/MonthlyBillingPerService

In the responses to the above-mentioned APIs, we have broken down Microsoft Azure into the following:
  • Microsoft Azure Consumption
  • Microsoft Azure Legacy
  • Microsoft Azure Marketplace Items
  • Microsoft Azure Perpetual Licenses
  • Microsoft Azure Reserved Instances
  • Microsoft Azure Software Subscriptions

Previously, we had grouped the response data for the APIs by the Microsoft Azure service name. For reference, please check the highlighted service name in the screenshot below:

billing report api

If you have any workflows impacted by this change, we recommend making the necessary changes. 

Note that we will tentatively release this in the week of April 17-21, and we'll notify you once it's implemented.

Improved Translations of Microsoft CSP Pages

As part of continuously improving the platform translations for our non-English users, we have reworked the translations of the Microsoft CSP Subscriptions page. We appreciate the efforts of our customers who've reported translation quality issues and encourage you to continue doing so. Report a translation error here.

Other Updates

  • We fixed an error with the GET /api/resellers/{resellerId}/billing/reports/MonthlyBillingPerOrganization endpoint where the Microsoft billing data was not displayed correctly.
  • We improved the Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE) pricing logic and removed the price lock feature for NCE. This change requires no action for brokers and doesn't affect the existing NCE workflows.
  • We fixed some errors that occurred when subscriptions were renewed for custom service products.
  • We also fixed some performance issues with the Microsoft NCE Migration tool. Learn more about NCE Migrations here.

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