Platform update 23rd March 2023

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April 17, 2023

General Billing Report Improvements

To distinguish the Microsoft Azure services better in the billing report, we have broken down the larger service name into the following:  Microsoft Azure Consumption, Microsoft Azure Legacy, Microsoft Azure Marketplace Items, Microsoft Azure Perpetual Licenses, Microsoft Azure Reserved Instances, and Microsoft Azure Software Subscriptions.

This means that you can now filter the report by these service names allowing you access to more granular billing information. If you have any workflows impacted by this change, we recommend reviewing the General Billing Report and making the necessary changes. Note that this change applies to only the General Billing Report (both in UI and export formats) and does not impact any other reports or billing APIs. 

Learn more about General Billing Reports.

Microsoft CSP Subscription Report Improvements

To make the Microsoft CSP Subscription Reports more meaningful to our customers, we have made several improvements to the export format. 

  • New fields added: We have added Sales Price (at the org level), Subscription Period, and Payment Frequency to the report. 

  • Improved existing terminology: We have renamed certain fields to be consistent with the billing reports and to improve clarity (ID to Product ID and OfferName to Product Name).

  • Changes to the email report format: We have renamed the email header to Microsoft 365 CSP Direct Subscriptions Report and improved the overall formatting.

Learn more about CSP Subscriptions Report.

Improved Swedish Translations

As part of our continued efforts to improve the quality of our translations, we have made significant improvements to the Swedish translations. We are currently working with translation experts to achieve similar results in other languages. We encourage you to report any translation quality issues if you come across any. 

Other UI Updates

  • Item: NCE subscription upgrade warning
    UI change: Added more context that the upgrade action is irreversible and that it upgrades all active seats of the subscription.

  • Item: Price list functionality > Actions menu
    UI change: Improved the labels and buttons

  • Item: Logs menu > Events > selecting the date range action
    UI change: Improved the error message that you can only get logs for 3 months at a time and suggested workaround to get for a longer period.

  • Item: Azure price management > Actions > History
    UI change: Reorganized the price changes into tables with applicable headers for better comprehension

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