Platform Update | April 2023

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April 20, 2023

Changes to Microsoft Billing Reports

We will be implementing the following changes to the Microsoft Billing Report columns in the week of 1-7 May 2023:

Microsoft Billing Report Changes

We request you to review these changes and make any necessary updates to your systems. Learn more about Microsoft Billing Reports.


Deprecation of non-async billing API

We are deprecating the following APIs: GET /api/resellers/{resellerId}/billing/reports/MonthlyBillingPerOrganization and GET /api/resellers/{resellerId}/billing/reports/MonthlyBillingPerService

These API endpoints are the older versions, and we encourage brokers to start using the asynchronous General Billing Report API request, since this is the one we regularly update. This will be implemented in the month of August 2023 and we request the impacted parties to configure as follows:

  1. Call the Azure one-time report API: POST /api/resellers/{resellerId}/billing/azurereports/AzureOneTimeInvoice/generateReport
  2. After that request, use the generated taskID on the next request:
    GET /api/resellers/{resellerId}/billing/azurereports/AzureOneTimeInvoice/{taskId}


Cloudmore 3.103 Release Updates

Improved Service Integration and external API feedback mechanism

We have now implemented a feedback process where events that occur externally via APIs or third-party systems connected with Cloudmore are recorded and displayed in the Cloudmore UI. This applies to our service integration customers and will help partners stay informed of the success/failure of the external API calls.

Below are a few examples of this:

  • Alert message on the failure of adding a service: When you add a service as part of a service integration and the event becomes a failure, then the below error message appears and you’ll be prompted to contact the system administrator.
    Example of Alert message

  • Notification on subscription creation failure: When you create a subscription for the integrated service via an API, and it fails, the below alert message will be displayed. Similar alerts display in case of subscription update, cancellation, or deletion. Note: You might have to refresh the page to see these alert messages, as it might take some time to sync the updates.
    Example notification of failure to process


Changes to Microsoft Billing Report

To improve the accuracy and quality of our Microsoft Billing Report, we have implemented the following changes to the UI:

We’ve renamed the Billing Period column to Charge Period. We made this update to achieve data consistency between the General Billing Report and Microsoft Billing Report. We’ve also added a new column named Billing Date to clearly differentiate between the period that is charged and the date the billing is created.

Note that this change impacts only the UI format, not the export versions.

Changes to heading on the Microsoft billing report

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