Platform Update | April 2024

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April 30, 2024

Partial Upgrades for NCE Subscriptions

The goal with Microsoft NCE partial upgrades was to enable the ability to transfer all licenses (full upgrade) or some licenses (partial upgrade) from current subscription offer to an upper level offer.

With this update, it’s now possible to fully or partially transfer some licenses to a new or existing NCE subscription.

A Microsoft subscription is eligible to be a destination subscription if:

  • it's not in the 7-day cancellation window

  • current subscription's term duration is shorter than the destination subscription's term duration

  • destination subscription's end date is later the end date of the current subscription

Partial Upgrades - Create NCE Subscription

New products for Acronis integration

In order to better support the Acronis integration on Cloudmore platform, we have made some adjustments in regards to the products and SKUs.

Removed SKUs:

  • notary: associated with document certification and integrity verification

  • physical-data-shipping: involved the physical delivery of data storage devices for disaster recovery purposes

  • protect-adv-disaster-recovery: this product offered heightened data protection capabilities

Added SKUs:

  • protect-std-disaster-recovery: This standard disaster recovery service provides essential features for restoring data and systems after a breach or failure.

  • geo-redundancy: Enhances data protection by duplicating data across multiple geographical locations to mitigate the risk of data loss due to regional failures.

  • protect-standard: A basic version of Acronis's protection services, focusing on fundamental data backup and security.

  • protect-adv-email-security: An advanced email security service that offers more comprehensive measures against phishing, malware, and other email-based threats.

These changes reflect shifts in focus and possibly customer demand within Acronis's offerings.

Acronis edit subscription screenshot

Encouraging Brokers to set up custom services on Seller level

We have implemented some performance improvements to the Seller level, enhancing overall efficiency and responsiveness on user interaction on that level.

We are encouraging Brokers to set up their custom services on the Seller level, instead of the Broker level. The Seller level custom services have more flexibility and more features for service and product setup.
After the service has been set up on the Seller level, it can be directly published to your Broker account (or several Broker level accounts).

We are committed to maintaining the Seller level custom service setup features with a heightened level of attention, instead of the Broker level ones. This strategic focus aims to improve the experience for custom service creation on Seller level and support more service integrations.

Seller level product setup (1)

API Gateway implementation changes

We are changing our API Gateway implementation, from Envoy on virtual machines running a deprecated version of Ubuntu to Kubernetes. This will require a change in the DNS record for

The API Gateway would be running on a more stable and agile system that is more scalable and nimble.

Expected action from customers

This is a change that should have no apparent customer facing indications. The API experience should be the same, As this is a DNS record change. However if any customer's have hardcode DNS resolutions they would need to update their internal DNS.

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