Platform Update | May 2023

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May 18, 2023

Platform Update | May 2023

Important Information for managing Microsoft CSP subscription sales prices and renewals in Cloudmore

As you may know, Cloudmore allows you to set sales prices for your subscriptions at different levels.  You can set pricing in the Pricelist (Billing>Price List) for new subscriptions, and you can correct the sales price of existing subscriptions (My Services> Microsoft CSP Direct>Subscriptions).

When an existing Microsoft CSP Subscription renews, the sales price of the renewed subscription will be taken from your Cloudmore pricelist (Billing>Pricelist).  If you have set custom pricing for each of your end-user organisations, the sales price you have set for each specific organisation will be applied.

What do I need to do?

Ensure your Pricelist in Cloudmore displays the correct sales price for all your subscriptions before their next renewal date.

We have compiled a comprehensive guide on approaching renewals and the best practices for setting sales prices.  Click here to access the directory.

If you have any more questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Approval Process Improvements

We have made significant improvements to the Approval Process workflows in Cloudmore.  We recommend reviewing the Approvals Guide here to understand the new settings.

Approval Process settings are now easily accessible under the main Broker menu (Broker>Approvals Process), and the Approval Process page has been restructured for better clarity:

  • In the first section, you can configure which roles have access to approve/deny requests made by the organization. Note that Key Account Managers will now have access to the Approval Settings page to view the organizations assigned to them. However, they cannot edit the Approval Settings.
    Approval process
  • In the second section, you can establish a financial limit and enable the approval process. In addition, you can choose to apply the changes you made to all current organizations, which will overwrite their existing settings. Also, you can save these settings exclusively for future organizations you manage while keeping the existing approval settings intact.
    Approval Bulk actions

  • In the third section, you can view the list of organizations you have activated the approval process and directly edit the Approval Settings for each organization using the Actions button.

     organisational approval process

We have also included an optional trigger to the Approval Process for subscription quantity changes. Similar changes have also been implemented to the Organizations properties page. 


Changes to Monthly Billing Check Template

We have changed the Monthly Billing Check template to improve the detailing. Click here to download the updated template. If you need to become more familiar with Monthly Billing Check routines, we suggest, as best practice, that you take a look at this guide and implement this process to verify the billing items and subscription details before invoicing.


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