A super quick round-up of some of the leading tech themes for 2024

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05 January 2024

The landscape of technology is continuously evolving, shaping how we interact with the world around us. The year 2024 may see some groundbreaking advancements in various tech sectors. Let's explore the five main themes that may dominate the year.

1. AI and Cybersecurity: A Dual-Edged Sword

AI's Ethical Dilemma and Job Impact

As AI technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, its ethical implications and impact on employment are coming under closer scrutiny. The balance between harnessing AI for productivity and ensuring ethical practices, including handling job displacements, will be a key focus.

Predictive Cybersecurity and Phishing Threats

AI's role in cybersecurity is shifting from defensive to predictive strategies. This means using AI to anticipate threats before they materialize. However, this advancement is paralleled by an increase in sophisticated phishing attacks, exploiting human vulnerabilities.

2. The Integration of AI in Various Spheres

AI in the Metaverse and XR Developments

2024 is set to witness a substantial blend of AI with the metaverse, enhancing virtual and augmented reality experiences. Advancements in XR (Extended Reality) headsets, like Apple's VisionPro, will progress our interaction with virtual worlds.

AI-Driven Political and Social Influence

The influence of AI in the political realm, especially in the context of the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election, raises concerns over deepfakes and misinformation campaigns. AI's capability to drive public opinion highlights the need for ethical and regulatory measures.

3. The Rise of Advanced AI Technologies and Infrastructure

AI PCs and Edge AI

Intel's focus on AI PCs, especially with its new Intel Core Ultra processors, signifies a major shift in enterprise technology. The move towards conducting AI inferencing at the edge, using PCs for company-specific data processing, represents a decentralization of AI capabilities.

AI Analytics in Business Security

Commercial security systems are becoming increasingly advanced, with AI analytics software now able to automate threat detection and response processes. AI-informed commercial security cameras will help leaders to strengthen existing security systems amidst rising physical security threats.

Generative AI and Data Handling

The rise of Generative AI, capable of creating intuitive user experiences and even generating code, is set to change the landscape of app development and data analytics. This shift necessitates focusing on data handling, especially as a vast amount of data is generated at the edge.

4. Changing Business and Social Landscapes

Experience Economy and Sustainable Technology

The growing emphasis on selling experiences over products, driven by technology, is reshaping the business landscape. Additionally, the focus on sustainable technology reflects a growing consciousness of ecological balance and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) outcomes.

Healthcare and Mobile Connectivity

The healthcare mobile app market, including fitness applications, is expected to grow substantially. Furthermore, the expansion of 5G connectivity will transform mobile app development and user experiences, with a significant rise in subscribers anticipated by 2027.

5. B2B Commerce Automation Evolves

Strategic Tech Investment: Businesses will focus on making smaller, targeted tech investments rather than large-scale changes, shifting a quarter of their digital tech spending away from maintaining legacy systems​​.

Leaving Legacy Systems: A significant shift towards abandoning legacy systems is expected, with a quarter of digital tech spending moving away from maintenance towards new tech implementations and strategies​​.

Targeted Replatforming: Composable commerce is gaining traction, allowing B2B companies to selectively upgrade their platforms for improved ROI and customer experience​​.

Integration of Tech and Tools: There will be a stronger emphasis on integrating various e-commerce platforms and payment gateways to enhance the efficiency of subscription services.

Interactive Self-Service: B2B customers are looking for B2C-like experiences. This includes technologies for simplified ordering and returns and immersive buying experiences like digital showrooms​​.

Predictive Analytics: There will be a strong focus on predictive analytics for merchandise intelligence, lead prioritization, CRM segmentation, and retargeting, with AI-driven analytics expected to replace 60% of traditional models by 2025​​.

In conclusion, 2024 promises to be a year of significant technological advancements and paradigm shifts. From AI's deep integration in various sectors to the emphasis on ethical and sustainable practices, these tech themes highlight the innovation potential and underscore the need for responsible and forward-thinking approaches to technology adoption.


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