Most Read Microsoft CSP Blogs of 2023

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27 December 2023


These are the top read blogs related to the Microsoft CSP program in 2023. These blogs offer a concise yet comprehensive overview of key areas, from strategy optimization and margin benchmarks to billing intricacies and platform selection. Their data-driven approach and in-depth analysis provide valuable perspectives, enhancing understanding and decision-making in the ever-evolving CSP landscape.

1.    Why be a Direct CSP (Tier 1) in the Microsoft CSP program?

This blog discusses the advantages and requirements of becoming a Direct CSP (Tier 1) in the Microsoft CSP program. It includes the requirements at this time of writing and the potential impact on your business.


2.    Microsoft CSP Margin Benchmarks: How Do You Compare?

This blog on Microsoft CSP Margin Benchmarks explores strategies for Microsoft Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to improve their profit margins and provides % benchmark information.


3.    Revenue Leakage and Margin Erosion in Microsoft CSP Program

This blog is focused on maximizing revenue and minimizing margin leakage in the Microsoft CSP program, discusses various challenges and solutions in this context, and includes some of the common challenges and some strategies for improving margins.


4.    Master Consumption Billing as a Microsoft CSP Partner

This Cloudmore blog on mastering consumption billing as a Microsoft CSP Partner addresses the shift in billing models for B2Bs, especially in the context of the Microsoft CSP program, and touches on business models, operational processes, automation, and margin improvements.


5.    Uncover the Secret to Choosing the Perfect Microsoft CSP Platform

This blog looks at choosing the right Microsoft CSP platform. It emphasizes several critical factors for businesses when choosing a CSP automation platform, considering all the important aspects, including CSP license billing and renewals, Azure CSP billing automation, and self-service capabilities.


6.    Is Your PSA Solution Generating Inaccurate CSP Billing?

This blog reviews the challenges with Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions creating Microsoft CSP billing, highlighting several key issues and solutions.




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