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28 August 2016


According to Okta Inc, via CHANNELe2a the most popular cloud and SaaS business applications are as follows:

1. Microsoft Office 365
2. Salesforce
3. Box
4. Google Apps
5. Amazon Web Services
6. Concur
7. Zendesk
8. LinkedIn
9. DocuSign
10. Dropbox
11. Twitter
12. Slack
13. Adobe Creative Crowd
14. GoDaddy
15. GoToMeeting
16. JIRA (Atlassian)
17. Facebook
18. FedEx US
19. Workday
20. Outlook Web Access – 2010
21. Google Analytics
22. NetSuite
23. GitHub
24. Google Apps Admin


In the IaaS space, Amazon are dominant with over 31% market share with Microsoft, IBM, and Google all in single digits but with strong growth.


Infrastructure_chart opt

Many Cloud - Many Models

Many businesses are now using many different types of services. Looking at the above range of services and vendors there are also numerous business models: direct, advisor, channel, with just a few enabling the distribution layer. Cloudmore has iterated the commercial business model over nearly ten years of the cloud services market maturing and we know that a vital component of our Cloud Management and Marketplace Platform is to support and enable these varied commercial agreements.

The new Cloudmore platform has been designed to take advantage of the growing multi-cloud opportunity. Cloud services in the platform are not limited to those that are integrated and sold by Cloudmore:.

The table below shows the differing commercial relationships available:

Cloud_everywhere-table opt

This combination of models ensures that, over time, the Cloud IT Provider can build a portfolio of services from multiple sources but managed in one place reducing daily management costs and providing an enhanced experience to customers.


Integration via APIs, because of a lack of standardization, is currently a more complicated process than it will be in the future. Cloudmore believes that the cost should be absorbed as high up the value chain as possible, typically meaning the software vendor absorbs the integration the cost. as they derive the benefits of an expanded market. Cloudmore also considers some global public cloud service as strategic top the platform, and will integrate, based on customer demand. Integration normally takes between 6 -12 weeks.

What is your Cloud Services Strategy?

What are your top cloud priorities? Which services do you need or would like to see in the platform? And which platform functionality is most useful to you? 

We believe that more you use the subscription management platform, for more services, with more customers, the economies of scale and efficiency of tasks will increase.

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