Revenue Leakage and Margin Erosion in Microsoft CSP Program

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18 April 2023

Boost Your Profit Margins with the Right Strategy and a Digital Commerce Platform

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program is a lucrative business opportunity to resell Microsoft 365 and Azure services.

However, a striking difference in performance is apparent when examining the margin data of the best and worst-performing Microsoft CSP partners.

With top performers achieving double the margin of others, it's vital to address the challenges of revenue and margin leakage to maximize profits.

This blog post will discuss the reasons behind revenue/margin leakage, how to minimize the problem, and how utilizing a digital commerce platform like Cloudmore with advanced Microsoft integration can help.

6 Biggest Challenges in Revenue Leakage and Margin Erosion

1. Inaccurate pricing and cost management

A lack of proper pricing and cost management can result in lower margins. Inaccurate pricing may stem from not monitoring Microsoft price list changes or promotional discounts. Tracking Microsoft costs changes efficiently can ensure there is no overspending on services.

2. Inefficient billing or lack of billing transparency

Non-automated billing and pricing models that do not follow the underlying Microsoft pricing rules can lead to errors, delays, and missed revenue opportunities. Poorly managed billing cycles can lead to late payments and negatively impact cash flow, ultimately affecting profitability.

3. Aligning subscription periods between buying and selling

While buying a monthly product and selling an annual subscription can cost cash flow, there is a margin cost to this practice, and any CSP will need to weigh up the cost of money against the margin given away. Best practice and best margin are achieved by aligning the buy and sell subscription periods

4. Managing discounts

Without transparency and proper price management, discounts can be misapplied, for instance, when a first-order discount is then applied to subsequent orders, but there are many scenarios where discount errors can occur if not managed programmatically. 

5. Limited customer support and value-added services

CSP partners who don't provide added value in some way through customer advisory service beyond simple support and additional value-added services risk losing customers. This is hard to do without your team having transparency of customer estates and services.

It's so easy for a customer to switch providers. If it comes down to a sales price comparison, it will be hard to maintain a healthy customer base, thereby reducing revenue potential. 

6. Lack of automation and integration

Manually managing the CSP program can be time-consuming and prone to human error. Making changes in the partner center is not fully audited, and any change in the partner center must be synchronized to the billing system.

An absence of automation and integration may result in revenue leakage due to service provisioning and customer management inefficiencies.

5 Ways to Prevent Revenue Leakage

1. Implement effective pricing and cost management: Regularly monitor price lists and factor in promotional discounts to ensure accurate pricing. Track costs diligently and optimize resource usage to improve margins.


2. Proactively manage renewals, especially with NCE! Ensure that the customer is renewed into the right subscription plan at the right price in advance of the renewals, as post-renewal changes are near impossible in most cases.
Adopt automated billing to reduce errors, increase transparency for both your internal teams and customers to speed up the process, and ensure timely payments.

3. Ensure you have a monthly margin check procedure. This should be easy to process at a customer, service, subscription, and product level to check for no revenue leakage or margin erosion. Save these monthly to compare and check before the customer invoices are released.


4. Build your value proposition for the Microsoft CSP program around great support and proactive advisory service and offer a customer self-service portal that customers can use.

5. Embrace automation and integration: Utilize a digital commerce platform to automate and integrate various aspects of the CSP program, improving overall efficiency protecting your revenue, and minimizing leakage.

How Cloudmore Can Prevent Revenue Leakage

Cloudmore's digital commerce platform offers advanced integration with Microsoft for Direct CSPs, making it an ideal solution for addressing the challenges of revenue/margin leakage in the Microsoft CSP program.

Key benefits include:

  1. Accurate pricing and cost management: Cloudmore's platform provides real-time price updates and cost tracking, ensuring accurate pricing and optimal cost management.

  2. Automated billing and collection: The platform automates billing and collection processes, reducing errors and ensuring timely payments, thus improving cash flow.

  3. Enhanced customer portal, Cloudmore's platform can extend the service portfolio with automated provisioning and management of value-added services to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

  4. Seamless automation and integration: Cloudmore's advanced integration with Microsoft streamlines service provisioning, customer management, and other critical aspects of the CSP program, reducing inefficiencies and minimizing leakage.

Key Takeaways for Avoiding Revenue Leakage

To maximize margins and minimize revenue leakage in the Microsoft CSP program, businesses must address the challenges of inaccurate pricing, inefficient billing, limited customer support, and lack of automation.

By adopting a digital commerce platform like Cloudmore with advanced Microsoft integration, CSP partners can effectively tackle these challenges and boost their profit margins. 

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