What Does Cloudmore's Onboarding Process Look Like?

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03 October 2019

Every customer wants to be reassured that the company and product they’ve signed up to will provide a good return on their investment. And no customer wants to be left stranded and uncertain as soon as they’ve signed on the dotted line.

Knowing this, Cloudmore strongly believes in being at hand to support all customers, from the instant they’re onboarded, to their very first success with our platform, and beyond, to new milestones and goals.

Success, of course, usually starts with a well-planned beginning. This is why we take onboarding very seriously. Here is a look at the early stages of the Cloudmore customer journey to give you an idea of the processes that we have in place to ensure that you get the best experience.

Turnaround in 30 Days, or 24 Hours If You Prefer

Prospective customers often ask us how long the onboarding process takes, and we generally say – ‘it really depends on you’. If you can dedicate one member of staff to the project for one day full-time, you can get Cloudmore up and running in hours.

Toby Wakelin, Chief Operating Officer at Virtual IT, a managed IT services company based in London describes his experience:

This system can be set up by one person, which I think is something worth remembering. It isn’t hugely complicated, and if it’s easy for one person to do, you know you’re onto a winner.”

We make it our aim to achieve a full working turnaround for all customers within 30 days.

The Kickoff Meeting 

We set up a kickoff meeting with all new customers as soon as they come onboard. During this session we introduce the customer success team and establish and define the key goals and the timeframe we aim to get the project completed by. Goals might include iterating and streamlining internal processes such as order management, procurement, provisioning or billing in the platform.

The customer success team also walks you through the initial platform set-up tasks during this meeting and schedules further discovery workshops and training to give the rest of your staff, including sales, finance and support a formal induction on how to use the areas of the solution that are most relevant to them.

You Don’t Needs Lots of Resources to Get Set Up

Because there’s no hardware or software to install, Cloudmore can be up and running in hours using our simple-to-follow training guides. The support team is also on hand to step in when needed.

Patrick Valade, Senior Systems Engineer at HostedBizz, a full-service public cloud provider in Canada, gives his account of the setup experience:

“What we really enjoyed about working with Cloudmore is the fact that, on initial evaluation we were able to set up all of our clients for all of our resellers very quickly. The reporting, which was critical to us, and the billing elements were easy to use, and it did it all so accurately.”

When to Expect a Return on Your Investment

Since Cloudmore can be running in sync with your business systems within the day, you can get your return on investment very quickly. Simplified billing is relatively instant, reducing billing time by around 70% say most of our customers.

With our help, you might also want to build your own branded marketplace or set up a self-service portal. The combination of streamlined billing and customer self-service gives you enormous time and cost savings, quickly freeing up staff, including your sales and finance teams, to perform higher value activities. 

The Cost of Onboarding

Standard onboarding and continuous customer success are part and package of the Cloudmore subscription fee and are therefore offered at no additional cost. We believe that successful onboarding is a continuous cycle that involves identifying and planning new opportunities to improve a process. We always start with your primary use-case as a first priority so that you get a return on investment quickly. 

Building Success Together

You will get high-touch customer support for as long as you decide to stay with us. Our customer success team will check in regularly to make sure that the platform is working optimally—and as you grow, we will work with you to assess what new functionality can be brought in to extend and improve your platform experience.

We also don’t charge for development work. This means that no matter how unusual or specific your functionality request is, we’ll review it, and if it’s accepted, we’ll assign it to a future sprint.


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