B2B Resellers: Simplify Business with Cloudmore's Self-Service Portal

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05 April 2019

Nine in ten customers now expect a self-service portal. Accordingly, an increasing number of  businesses are delivering this as standard.

Here are three ways Cloudmore’s self-service portal can benefit you and your customers. 

We Build the Storefront, You Deliver the Experience

E-store Any product, subscription or service can be added and sold through Cloudmore’s customer storefront and self-service portal.

Products can be bundled with other services, and by adding professional services such as premium support and product training, you can easily beat those ever slimmer reseller margins to boost your bottom line. If you’re an IT reseller, Cloudmore also offers its own catalog of products which you can instantly import to your offering.

Cloudmore enables flexible contract terms, payment frequencies and renewal options. If your customers are global or working across different industries, it’s also easy to curate services so that they only see the products that are relevant to them in prices they understand.

When customers log into their customized storefront, they are immersed in your brand and in your experience.

My services: Freedom to Play + No Product Wasted = Happier Customers

DMC_0821Customers can buy, change and adjust their products and services in Cloudmore. The freedom scale runs from fully unrestricted purchasing power, to transaction limits, to approval for every purchase or update put through the system.

Once customers have bought a product or service, they will see these listed in their personal, ‘My Services’ dashboard. No product or service goes to waste in Cloudmore and this is a feature that customers rate highly.  

Unused services or subscriptions are simple for the customer to re-assign, and if a customer wants to readjust their subscriptions to include more or less users, they can do so in just a few clicks.

Customers Love Simple Cost and Billing Breakdowns

Cloudmore’s automated billing works tirelessly and seamlessly in the background to capture every product and service added or re-assigned, renewals, cancellations, and every upgrade and downgrade made. The full and unremitting flurry of changes in the system at the customer level, to you, to transactions with the vendor/supplier are automatically synced, recorded, calculated, segmented and routed to the relevant users’ dashboards.

The customer’s dashboard is deceiving in its simplicity. Customer billing is presented in a clear, digestible format and updated in real-time as service adds, moves and changes are made. Customers can also create cross-charge reports to support their cost allocation and budgeting needs.

Simplifying Business

Ultimately, Cloudmore simplifies business for everyone. The self-service portal delivers a seamless experience and management tools that empower the customer to get things done on their watch, freeing up more of your time to focus on other high value activities and growth.


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