Platform Update | October 2023

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October 19, 2023

Release Updates - 3.116

Broker-level Dashboard Charts

Easily access insights right from your Cloudmore dashboard. Dive into details about active and created subscriptions, as well as active and inactive organisations. Simply select Dashboard from the Cloudmore menu to get started.

Highlighted Features

  • Data Timeline: Data collection commenced from June 2023. Please note that data prior to this date isn't available.
  • Customizable Graph Views: Toggle between bar and stack chart visualizations.
  • Accessible Underlying Data: Get a closer look at the raw data anytime.
  • Interactive Insights: Hover over any chart segment to reveal specific data details for that section.

Broker Dashboard 3

Whats next?

We value your insights! As we strive to enhance the Broker-level charts, your feedback is instrumental. Please compile your thoughts on features or data that would be beneficial, along with the reasons why. Bring these insights to your next Customer Success meeting.

Maximizing Chart Value

A simple yet impactful way to utilize these charts is by including them in your monthly reports. Capturing screenshots can effectively illustrate the trajectory of service and customer activities within Cloudmore.




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