Platform Update | November 2023

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November 15, 2023

Release Updates - 3.121, 3.123

Renewals Report

Renewing your Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE) subscriptions is an opportunity to optimize and tailor your offerings for your customers. At Cloudmore, we empower brokers like you to manage these renewals effectively, offering a streamlined process to modify prices, quantities, and payment terms.

Cloudmore's powerful new Renewal Report includes financial information to let you plan your renewal strategy in advance, with full visibility of your end-user organizations pricing and simplified access to subscriptions to make any changes needed

Highlighted Features

  • Transparent Renewal Pricing: Easily view current and upcoming pricing for renewing subscriptions.
  • Comprehensive Overview: Instantly track any upcoming alterations in license quantity, term, or payment frequency in a single view.
  • Quick Access with "Manage" Button: Easily manage subscriptions by accessing them instantly via the new "Manage" button for any necessary changes.

See our Subscription Renewals guide for more information

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Subscription Price Correction Flexibility

Enhance your NCE subscription management process with Cloudmore's dynamic pricing correction feature. We understand that managing ongoing subscriptions requires flexibility, especially when correcting pricing errors or accommodating negotiated lower prices for specific subscriptions.

As best practice, pricing should always be correctly set in the pricelist.  However, should you need to correct the sales prices of existing subscriptions during the subscription commitment term, this functionality offers additional flexibility.

Highlighted Features

  • Historical and Current Pricing: Access a history of price corrections for previous or ongoing periods during the subscription commitment term
  • Transparent Price Adjustments: View all previous or upcoming corrections made to prices for any NCE subscription.
  • Seamless Corrections: Ability to eliminate individual price corrections with immediate billing adjustments.

See our Price Setting guide for more information

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Legacy CSP offer retirement: Dynamics 365's Cloud Migration Promo and others

Outdated Microsoft offers for services like Dynamics 365 are being phased out gradually, starting from October 1, 2023. When these offers retire, existing subscriptions won't renew automatically, they'll simply expire.

Once an offer is retired, the subscriptions linked to it won't renew and will eventually be canceled.

Unfortunately, these retired offer subscriptions can't be shifted to new Microsoft services using the regular migration tools. Instead, they have to be replaced manually. The migration tool only supports moving subscriptions that have identical services available in the new catalog, but many retired offers were short-term or no longer supported, making them incompatible.

To help partners understand and track these retiring offers, Microsoft released a guide on September 1, 2023 (link here). This guide includes a PDF and data file to provide detailed information about the retiring services.

What do I need to do?

Partners should check the Cloudmore renewals report for subscriptions ending within a specified period.  If any of these subscriptions are retired, partners and their end user organizations should decide if they still require the service.

If needed, they should collaborate to find the closest replacement product from the new Microsoft offerings.

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