Platform Update | September 2023

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September 14, 2023


Release Updates - 3.116.0 & 3.117.0

Updates on Reserved Instances Pricing in Cloudmore's Pricelist

Attention to Brokers with Reserved Instance Custom Price List Pricing

If you've set a distinct price for Reserved Instances in Cloudmore's Pricelist, please be informed of an important upcoming modification.


To elevate billing accuracy, Cloudmore will consider the Subscription start date, instead of the order date, when determining sales prices for Reserved Instances that have a custom price set in the Cloudmore Pricelist. This will ensure that the correct price is picked up from the price list. 


Action Items:

  • For those who've set their Reserved Instances pricing via the Cloudmore Pricelist: please now verify the billing details of these entries in Cloudmore Price List. Because of this change it is advisable to ensure the unit sales price remains consistent every month for each Reserved Instance that has a predetermined price with monthly payment.
  • If you employ the Cloudmore Price Adjustment Matrix for Reserved Instances pricing, rest assured, no further action is needed on your part.
  • For a comprehensive understanding on how to establish your sales prices for Reserved Instances in Cloudmore, please refer to this guide.


Implementation Date: This adjustment will roll out during the week starting Monday, September 11th.

API Change Notification - Change of Service Name


Only applies to Broker who are parsing service names from API responses


In our communication dated August 25th, we mentioned a change to the Service name in Cloudmore. Specifically, we communicated that the name would change from "Microsoft Azure" to "Azure & Software" in order to encompass Azure Consumption, Software Subscriptions, and Reserved Instances. However, the change to the name will be "Microsoft Azure & Software"


Action Required

Brokers, if you parse service names from API responses, please adjust your code accordingly. While this isn't a one-size-fits-all recommendation, we generally advise using service IDs over parsing service names for better precision. Notably, NCE Subscriptions can be identified by their unique "CFQ..." item code.


Implementation Date:  This change will take effect at the end of September 2023.




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