Platform Updates | August 2023

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August 24, 2023

Cloudmore 3.115.0 Release Updates

Search products by keyword when creating a new Microsoft CSP NCE subscription.

You can now search all NCE Products by keyword when creating a new Microsoft CSP NCE subscription.

When creating a new subscription, click in the "Product" field and enter a keyword, e.g. "E3" or "Business", and Cloudmore will filter all products with that keyword. Cloudmore will also return a Microsoft-provided product description for further clarity.

This simplifies the provisioning of NCE subscriptions for all users of Cloudmore - Broker and end-user organisations alike.

Please review this guide on How to Create NCE Subscriptions for more.

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Important Information for managing Microsoft CSP subscription sales prices and renewals in Cloudmore

As you may know, Cloudmore allows you to set sales prices for your subscriptions at different levels. 

You can set pricing in the Pricelist (Billing>Price List) for new subscriptions, and you can correct the sales price of existing subscriptions (My Services> Microsoft CSP Direct>Subscriptions).

When an existing Microsoft CSP Subscription renews, the sales price of the renewed subscription will be taken from your Cloudmore pricelist (Billing>Pricelist). 

If you have set custom pricing for each of your end-user organisations, the sales price you have set for each specific organisation will be applied.  

What do I need to do?

Please ensure your Pricelist in Cloudmore shows the right sales price for all your subscriptions before their next renewal date. 

We have compiled a comprehensive guide on approaching renewals and the best practices for setting sales prices. Click here to access the guide.

Cloudmore also strongly suggests following our monthly billing check routine and reconciliation template to check your sales prices and margins before invoicing your customers.

If you have any more questions about managing sales prices, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or review our Knowledge Base at


API Change Notification - Change of Service Name

We are changing the Service name in Cloudmore from "Microsoft Azure" to "Azure & Software" to more accurately reflect everything included in that service - Azure Consumption, Software Subscriptions and Reserved Instances. 

What do I need to do?

If, as a Broker, you are parsing the service names from API responses, you should adjust your code. Although not universally applicable, we recommend using the service IDs instead of parsing the service names. NCE Subscriptions can be distinguished by their "CFQ..." item code

API Change Notification - Change to Manual Billing Lines 

We are restricting the addition of manual billing lines directly under a service. The manual billing lines should be added under subscriptions only. This will improve the billing data structure for Cloudmore, and it's a prerequisite for a new and improved unified general billing model. 

What do I need to do?

Brokers submitting manual billing lines via API should review the above changes and prepare to adjust their manual billing lines, adding/editing flow in code.

The API changes shown here will be implemented toward the end of September 2023




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