10 Reasons Microsoft CSPs Choose Cloudmore

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18 March 2019

Cloudmore is much more than a mean, lean billing and provisioning machine. The Cloudmore platform is expertly designed to help businesses scale large. Anything can be sold and managed in Cloudmore. This means that CSPs can diversify their portfolio and sell services from a multitude of suppliers and vendors, as well as their own, giving them the opportunity to lock in more customers long term and maximize their share of the wallet.

Here are 10 of the top reasons some of the world’s big CSPs have opted for Cloudmore.

1. Cloudmore is Simple to Deploy and Offers Quick Time to Value

Cloudmore helps you to build a fully automated end-to-end CSP business. Because there’s no software or hardware to install, our platform can be up and running in sync with your business systems within hours. This means that you can begin selling and taking customer orders from day one.

2. We are Microsoft CSP Experts

Cloudmore has a very experienced team of Microsoft savvy developers who have spent more than a decade fastidiously working in Microsoft subscription services, and more recently, to deliver the optimal platform for CSPs. We work very closely with our customers to keep Cloudmore on the cutting edge of CSP automation development.  

3. We Offer a Single, Super Stable, SaaS Developed Codebase

Creating many customized versions of software for specific clients sounds great in theory, but is, as you probably well know, messier to manage in practice. At Cloudmore, we use a single codebase so that we can keep our platform working optimally, squash bugs quickly, and innovate with new features for CSPs fast.

4. Cloudmore is Fanatical About Subscriptions

Cloudmore supports different plans and pricing options for billing, including one-off buys, trials and subscriptions. The Cloudmore platform has been designed to manage operations at scale and the sophistication of recurring revenue in particular. As subscriptions become the mainstay across IT services, we endeavor to create the best subscription platform for CSPs.

5. Cloudmore Has One of the Best CSP Integrations Around

Cloudmore synchronizes with the Microsoft Partner Center to update pricelists and subscriptions, unlocking the important opportunity to easily reconcile supplier costs and view margins at a service and customer level. Working with ever-changing Microsoft APIs is no easy task. Our CSP developers are continually challenging themselves to get the best solution available.

6. We Don’t Charge for Development Work

We always have our ears open to what our CSP customers have to say. No matter how unusual or specific the request, we take it onboard, review it and, if it’s accepted, assign it to a future sprint. We never, ever charge for any development activities.

7. Cloudmore Supports Global Business

Cloudmore can operate in multiple languages and we also support transactions in every currency. Cloudmore is a strong believer in business without borders. We have therefore designed our subscription management platform with global outreach in mind.

8. There Are No Upfront Costs

Cloudmore understands how important it is for our prospective CSP customers to get value from our platform before committing longer-term. This is why we offer every interested party a free, one-month trial, and free consultation and support from the get-go.

9. Cloudmore Believes in Hand-holding All the Way

Customer success is at the very heart of the Cloudmore offer. Our highly responsive teams are by your side, from the very first exchange and initial needs and compatibility assessment, right through to platform launch and beyond. And by teams we mean; our brilliant developers, our friendly technical support people and our expert customer success consultants.  

10. A Simple, Fair Pricing Model

Once you do decide to partner with Cloudmore, we guarantee that we will not surprise you with any hidden or unforeseeable costs. Cloudmore offers a fixed fee which is determined on the basis of the revenue you expect to manage in the platform. Unlike percentage-based models, our CSP clients can easily predict costs without feeling that they are being penalized as they grow. 

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