Evolving Role of Cloud Distribution: Providing Unprecedented Value for the IT Channel

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07 July 2023

The world of IT channel distribution is witnessing a remarkable transformation. The traditional model, where distributors functioned primarily as supply chain intermediaries, is giving way to a model in which cloud distributors are key providers of value-added services. These providers are redefining their roles, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and paradigms such as Software as a Service (SaaS), usage-based pricing, and cloud self-service portals. These changes are paving the way for an innovative marketplace for software characterized by more flexibility, scalability, and user-centricity than ever before.

The Rise of Value Added or  Distributors

Cloud distributors are driving a substantial shift in the IT channel. This shift is fuelled by the rising demand for cloud-based solutions and the need for business agility in an increasingly digital world. Unlike their traditional counterparts, cloud distributors aren't simply stock-keeping entities. They are now enablers of comprehensive cloud ecosystems, offering end-to-end services ranging from cloud strategy development to implementation, security, and support.

This evolution is underpinned by an increasing appetite for SaaS solutions, a significant part of the cloud technology landscape. SaaS solutions provide businesses with centrally hosted software accessible via the Internet and typically paid for through a subscription model. By offering an expansive array of SaaS solutions, cloud distributors enable businesses to access and deploy crucial applications faster and with less upfront cost than traditional on-premises solutions.

Marketplace for Software: A Paradigm Shift

The advent of cloud distributors has given rise to an innovative marketplace for Software. This marketplace is virtual, dynamic, and diverse, with software offerings from a myriad of vendors addressing a broad range of business needs. It allows businesses to source, deploy, and manage software applications more efficiently without the traditional constraints of physical distribution.

Moreover, the marketplace for Software is being further enriched by the concept of a white-label SaaS marketplace. In such a marketplace, cloud distributors offer a platform that other businesses can rebrand and use as their own. This enables those businesses to offer their own suite of SaaS solutions without building their own infrastructure or developing their own Software.

Self-Service Portals: Empowering End Users

Cloud self-service portals are another facet of the value proposition that cloud distributors bring to the table. These portals allow end-users to manage their own services, offering greater autonomy and flexibility. They can scale resources up or down on demand, monitor usage, manage costs, and access support without significant IT intervention.

SaaS Usage-Based Pricing: Towards a Fairer Model

Finally, the evolution of the IT channel distribution also introduces a new, more equitable pricing model: SaaS usage-based pricing. This model charges businesses based on their actual usage of a service rather than a flat fee. It aligns cost with value, as businesses pay for what they use and nothing more.

Cloud distributors that offer SaaS usage-based pricing make their offerings more accessible and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes. They are well-positioned to serve the small and medium-sized business (SMB) market, which often struggles with the high upfront costs associated with traditional software deployment.

In Conclusion

The distributor's role in the IT channel is evolving to provide a new set of values. Through cloud distributors, the marketplace for Software, white label SaaS marketplace, cloud self-service portals, and SaaS usage-based pricing, the landscape of IT distribution is becoming more dynamic, user-centric, and value-driven than ever before. It's an exciting time for all players in the IT channel, and the possibilities for future growth and innovation are virtually limitless.

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