Microsoft Perpetual License Price Management & Billing with Cloudmore

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16 March 2021

Microsoft's recent move to offer perpetual licensing through the CSP program has opened up new revenue streams for CSP partners for those customers who still have on-premise workloads. The perpetual software licenses in CSP include popular desktop tools such as The Office Suites, Visio, and Project.  Infrastructure servers included are Windows Server, SQL Server, and Biztalk Server. Productivity servers include Exchange, SharePoint, Project Server, and Skype for Business.

Adding these offers to the CSP program will reduce the complexity and costs for CSP partners by standardizing the operational and billing operations.

With the business model for CSP perpetual licenses billed upfront in the month they are billed, it's essential to ensure that there is no revenue leakage by guaranteeing that Microsoft costs and your sales are reconcilable.

Cloudmore has added perpetual license support to our price management functionality, and perpetual licenses are also included in the billing reports. This builds on the advanced capability to price manage, Azure Plan, Reserved Instances, Marketplace items, and Microsoft software subscriptions at a global, customer, or subscription level. 

Cloudmore has several resources to help you understand all aspects of Commerce Experience price management and Billing.

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