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In this emerging cloud-first world where customers are opting for cloud or subscription-based services, it can be hard for service providers to keep track of changes. Cloudmore offers a powerful billing engine that streamlines B2B subscription and consumption billing, such as for public or hybrid cloud services and SaaS subscriptions. 

Managing and billing subscription and metered services can be a complex and time-consuming task. Cloudmore solves this problem by providing a robust platform that can handle large volumes of data quickly and efficiently. Our powerful billing engine can process all types of billing data, including usage data and subscription changes, accurately and in real-time. This ensures that customers are billed accurately and efficiently, without any revenue leakage or errors.

 Cloudmore can help you:

  • Reduce the time spent generating billing data
  • Solve your recurring services billing and renewal challenge
  • Delight your customers with simple and powerful self-service
  • Integrate with your systems and services for full end automation.
  • Reconcile costs and ensure that customers are being billed accurately
  • Provide customers with a clear breakdown of usage and cost

In addition to providing a powerful billing engine, Cloudmore offers numerous features that support the growth and success of IT service providers. Our platform offers detailed usage reports, budgeting and forecasting capabilities, and cost control measures. These features help IT service providers to make data-driven business decisions, reduce operational costs, and digitally transform their processes. With Cloudmore's platform, IT service providers can create a competitive advantage by offering a range of subscription services and providing their customers with a convenient, efficient, and flexible solution.

Managing customer usage and associated billing can cause revenue leakage or customer dissatisfaction. Cloudmore takes the heavy lifting out of billing by aggregating and automating the recurring processes, such as adds, moves and changes, renewals and billing calculations.

Our platform supports flexible billing options, including recurring billing, one-time billing, usage-based billing, and hybrid models. With real-time usage tracking, customers can monitor their usage and make changes to their subscriptions as needed, while IT service providers can accurately bill for the services used. Additionally, our self-service management capabilities allow customers to manage their own accounts and subscriptions, reducing support tickets and improving customer satisfaction.

Our platform offers numerous benefits to IT service providers and their customers, including flexible billing options, real-time usage tracking, and self-service management capabilities.

It's more than billing

Accurate billing starts at service definition, r=obust price management processes and then recording all changes throught the lifecycle of a service. With real-time usage tracking, you and your customers can monitor their usage and securely make changes to their subscriptions as needed. 

MSPs: Is Managing Your Cloud Billing Costing You Too Much?

The Top Questions MSPs Ask When Evaluating Cloud Billing Automation

Loading services

Cloudmore offers flexible options for service provisioning that enable any product or service to be added to the platform without coding. Customers can choose from two provisioning types: the no-code email option, which allows them to receive provisioning information directly to their inbox, or the service connector option, which enables the transfer of service information to a third-party system through a REST API call. Both options provide easy and customizable solutions for setting up new services, making it simple for businesses to manage their subscription, consumption, or hybrid type services.

Scale faster

A powerful cloud billing system can help businesses avoid revenue leakage by providing end-to-end reconciliation, ensuring that every transaction is accounted for. It can also help businesses reconcile costs helping to manage the ability to protect margins, businesses can improve profitability and better manage their finances.

Billing automation enables faster growth while maintaining margins, allowing businesses to expand without sacrificing profitability.

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