Open Licensing Purchasing through CSP

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22 June 2021

In 2020 Microsoft announced the intention to move open license purchasing to the Cloud Service Provider program. As the first Milestone arrives, we wanted to share how Cloudmore's customers can use automation to smooth the transition.

Licenses can be transacted using the Open License program until the end of the year; however, no new offers will be added starting July 1, 2021. As of January 1, 2022, you won't be able to sell new or renew software licenses or online services through the Microsoft Open License program, even if your agreement is still active. There are currently no changes to the Open Value or Open Value Subscription programs.

Cloudmore customers have been able to transact licenses sold by Microsoft under the Modern Commerce Agreement through Cloudmore. These include the pricing, sale, billing, and in some cases, the subscription provisioning of Azure Plan, Reserved Instances, Microsoft Subscriptions, Marketplace Service, and Perpetual Licenses. 

Cloudmore's price management functionality and customer self-service enablement mean fewer visits to the Microsoft Partner Center to process transactions, accurate reconcilable invoicing, and giving more control to your customers, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing customer management costs. 

We see an increasing pace of migration from Classic Azure, and we expect to see the same towards CSP-based open licensing. 

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